More users will login through mobile: Facebook

Facebook expects a decline in number of users logging on the social networking website through PCs globally, especially from the US and other developed markets of Europe and Asia. The California-headquartered firm projects that the future growth will come from mobile, helped by more and more users in emerging markets, especially India, logging on the […]

Bharti Airtel set to acquire Loop Mobile in a Rs 700-crore deal

MUMBAI: Bharti Airtel is set to acquire Loop Mobile in a Rs 700-crore deal that may be announced as early as this week in what will be the first consolidation move in the country’s telecom industry since 2008, taking India’s biggest operator to the top spot in Mumbai, three people involved in the deal told […]

Of Plato and iPads: Should We Use Technology in the Classroom?

Elise Italiano fears that the push to “personalize” education through technology will, in actuality, individualize education and hamper classroom relationships. She wrote a thoughtful piece Thursday at The Public Discourse on the subject:                          The very design of these technologies is to multitask, not to concentrate, analyze, contemplate, or wonder. When a teacher is lecturing, students […]

Narendra Modi woos India Inc, Calls himself Great Advocate of Technology

Ahmedabad: Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, in a bid to woo the India Inc, stressed that social media can be effectively used in involving people for policy and decision making. Addressing the corporates at NASSCOM through video conference on Friday, Modi sought support of […]

Microsoft Accelerator Launches New Program For Late Stage Startups In India

As we have been writing, startup accelerators in India’s nascent ecosystem are beginning to seek more mature, late stage companies to work with. The latest to join this trend is Microsoft Ventures, which announced its Summer 2014 batch for the Indian accelerator today. Of the 16 startups selected, six will be part of Microsoft’s new […]

Seven Things To Think About Before You Register That New Domain

We’ve all grown comfortable with existing Internet domains — which have suffixes like .com, .net, and .edu — to the point where they seemed fixed in the universe like the North Star.  But this week and next, a slew of new suffixes will hit the market.  More will pour in over the coming months and […]

New mobile app to track train schedules on a real-time basis

Railway officials claim a new mobile app will allow commuters to track train time, expected arrival time, platform number and the following train; app likely to be launched in six months Joining the bandwagon of enterprises launching user-friendly applications or apps for mobile phones, the Indian Railways has decide to launch an app that will […]

Revenue and profit rise at Google, but mobile is a persistent challenge

here is no denying that Google has become a mobile company. Now, Google – along with shareholders, industry partners and advertisers – is trying to figure out what that means. In mobile advertising, Google is wrestling with how to make as much money on phones as it has on the ads that appear on desktop […]

A Closer Look at Satya Nadella, Possibly the Next CEO of Microsoft

When it comes to name-brand recognition, he’s no Stephen Elop (former CEO of Nokia), Alan Mulally (CEO of Ford) or even Julie Larson-Green (Executive Vice President at Microsoft). The alleged CEO designate of Microsoft, however, is a familiar face in the hallowed halls of Redmond. For those of us not familiar with the innards of […]