The Survival Of The Helmeted Hornbill Is Threatened By Demand For Its Bill

Numbers of Helmeted hornbill have crash down in past recent years due as a demand soar for the so called “red ivory”. The value of hornbill helmets in china are 5 times the price of elephant’s ivory. The increasing demand comes from china for the use in traditional medicines or to make an artifact. The […]

Europe Should Support For The U.S. Tariffs On Many Fronts: German Official

The EU (European Union) member states must brace for the U.S. tariffs on many fronts in the months beforehand, a senior German executive cautioned; just a few hours in advance Washington launched an investigation of a proposed French digital tax that can set off future tariffs. Peter Beyer—Germany’s Member of Parliament and Transatlantic Coordinator—stated that […]

India Will Invest $1 Billion In Canada, Will Add 5,000 Jobs

The Canadian President Trudeau came out highly satisfied from his meetings with Indian corporates and remarked as such at the Canada-India Business Forum this morning. He was mighty pleased to announce the investment commitment of Indian Corporates to the tune of USD 1 billion that was going to result in creation of 5,000 plus jobs […]

Twitter India Takes Measures To Bridge Gap Of Blood Donation

Planning to bridge the demand-supply gap and generate more awareness for blood units in the country, Twitter India this week rolled out a new social program dubbed as #BloodMatters. As per a report by the WHO (World Health Organization), only 9 Million blood units are obtainable each year in India, in opposition to a requirement […]

New Apple iPhone X Claimed To Be In Progress With Blush Gold Color Variant

If you have been following leaks of Apple since early 2019, you might have be known with tipster on Twitter recognized by the name @VenyaGeskin1 posting pictures of the iPhone X prior to it was declared. The tipster displayed the handset in 3 color versions namely Silver, Black, and Gold. On the other hand, when […]

Tesla Working To Increase Superchargers In Cities

This week Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) declared some expansions to the Supercharger network, comprising a European expansion, radically elevating Superchargers in the cities, and more. Previous month, Musk declared one more expansion of the Supercharger network to wrap 95–100% of the population in all lively regions. He also claimed that the next branching will comprise […]

After Finger Prints, It Is Face Unlock Technology For Xiaomi

The facial recognition technology is expected to be the talk of the town in 2018 after the iPhone X’s shift to Face ID. According to some new reports, Xiaomi’s forthcoming Mi7 might be one of the first smartphones to trench fingerprint sensor technology in favor of facial recognition. The phone is expected to sport 3D […]